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MAFA Security is world-class security company which provides manned guarding services, canine security, facilities management, global travel risk management and training to clients throughout Nigeria. At MAFA Security, we recognize the challenges of providing a secure working environment. Our approach is based on a comprehensive analysis of the security requirement and may integrate manned guarding, canine security and technological security elements, which are routinely reviewed to ensure continual improvement that is in line with an often rapidly changing security environment.


To ensure maximum protection  and securing lives, properties and the people in communities and businesses we operate.


Everyday in our Operations, we work towards keeping to our standard, and to ensure our team deliver at their best to meet our client’s demand.


Our teams have a proven performance and a track record of success across all professional services.


We ensure that our team maintain the professional ethics and standard at all time


Security Personnel

Our personnel are trained to protect the employing party's assets property, people, equipment, finance, from a variety of hazards by enforcing preventative measures.
Our Security Personnel maintain a high-visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, taking action to minimize damage, and reporting any incidents to their clients and emergency services as appropriate.

Security Consulting

We provides Security Risk Management Services, for people, businesses, and their assets, in complex environments
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Private Guard

At Mafa Security we observe international best practices, our personnel are qualified security professionals
As a company we are engaged in providing guard and patrol services, our operations gives our clients directions to make decisions about their personal security changes and structure.


With our high tech monitoring System, many activities, or information for the purpose of information gathering or documentation are put under critical checks for decision making..
We provide Customize Security Solutions to Protect Customers, Employees, and your Bottom Lines, with our innovative security solutions.

Risk Management

Every organization faces risk, whether it’s from bad actors with malicious intent, supply chain disruptions, or safety and security issues.
We brings hands-on knowledge of today’s threats and how to counter them. We’re focused on supporting and protecting critical infrastructures from various sectors.


Engr. Anwar Salim

Managing Director

Messack Ossai

Director Finance & Admin

Abdulfattah Mohammad

General Manager

Adewunmi Lydia

Head, Human Resource & Admin


“Et non mutationem nunc si orci est genere opiniones purus ea moreae est erat quo quod uidem quod tandem ea proposui typi aut accessus.”

Munchen, Germany

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